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weight loss

If you have had trouble maintaining a healthy weight and energy level, or if you find yourself prone to illness and chronic pain, toxins may be at least partly to blame. Toxic substances make their way into the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink, and over time these substances can build up in our fat cells and impair our health. Fortunately, here at Garcia Chiropractic in Anderson we offer safe, natural detoxification techniques as part of our “whole-body” approach to wellness and pain management. Our chiropractor-supervised detox diets can help your body shed these dangerous toxins -- and with them, excess weight and many troublesome symptoms.

Modern technology has given developed countries a great many conveniences, but in doing so it creates many toxic byproducts as well. Industrial pollution accounts for much of the irritants, heavy metals, pesticides and other unhealthy substances in our air and water. Even well-intentioned environmental additives can cause trouble. Some researchers believe that fluoride, a common additive to water meant to protect teeth and bones, may alter thyroid function and cause some people to gain weight. The chemicals used in many household products can also contribute to obesity, including plastics and the Teflon surfaces we cook on.

Processed foods are another major source of ingested toxins. Preservatives, additives, artificial dyes and flavorings can also collect in the fat cells and tissues, interfering with normal bodily processes. Sugars, caffeine and other “enhancers” wreak further havoc on your body’s delicate machinery. The liver and kidneys filter out moderate amounts of toxic material, but when the strain becomes too much, you may find yourself putting on extra pounds and suffering from headaches and migraines, fatigue, chronic pain and other issues. Left unchecked, obesity can lead to joint wear, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and other serious complications, and a buildup of internal toxins can make weight loss all but impossible.

Detoxification and Weight Loss from Our Anderson Chiropractor

The first step in the weight loss program we offer at Garcia Chiropractic involves detoxification -- helping your body rid itself of unneeded, unwelcome chemicals so that it can respond to a new, healthier way of eating and living. This process must be pursued gently by changing a few elements of your diet at a time. Our chiropractor, Dr Garcia, will help you make the switch to healthy, natural, nutritious foods and safe, delicious nutritional supplements instead of fatty, preservative-laden fast food or junk food.

You may find your fatigue diminishing and your overall well-being increasing dramatically as you detox. We can then prescribe exercises that help you reset your metabolism and improve your strength and flexibility, a vital aspect of natural pain management. The combination of detox and weight loss can make you feel years younger and possibly even add years to your life. Contact our chiropractor today to learn more about detoxification.

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