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Weight Loss

weight loss

If you are struggling to lose weight, our Anderson chiropractor, Dr. Garcia, understands just how frustrating this process can be. Between fad diets and “lose weight quick” programs, it is hard to know what really works and what is just unsubstantiated hype. Dr. Garcia and our wellness team can help. Our scientific approach to Anderson weight loss is based on sound medical research. Through detoxification, nutrition counseling and lifestyle advice, we help our patients make the changes they need to get healthy and happy for life.

Anderson Chiropractor Provides Weight Loss Plans

A gentle detoxification process helps our patients prepare for long-term weight loss. Over time, preservatives, artificial flavoring, additives and other toxins accumulate in our bodies. While our liver and kidneys naturally work to flush out these toxins, with time our bodies’ systems can become overwhelmed. Due to toxin build up, many of our patients also struggle with chronic fatigue, headaches and migraines. Our chiropractor will help you through a gentle detox process. A detox diet will help reset your body’s metabolism and clean your system from addictive sugars, caffeine and other toxins.

Dr. Garcia and our wellness team works closely with each patient to understand what is in the body that is toxic and contributing to pain. We make specific recommendations to help our patients detox, replacing toxins with vital nutrients. This approach is part of an overall lifestyle change. By making gradual dietary changes, we help our patients successful adopt a new, healthy lifestyle. This gradual approach supports long-term weight loss in Anderson. We do not starve the body or deny it vital nutrients. Instead, our program nourishes the body with whole foods and nutritional supplements.

By making dietary changes, many of our patients are surprised that their chronic headaches and migraines significantly decrease. Our patients have more energy and stamina, and are not as dependent on caffeine to get through the day. Our weight loss program is tailored to each patient’s unique needs. For example, an individual struggling with headaches and migraines may benefit from avoiding certain foods that trigger this pain.

In addition to our dietary program, we work with patients to incorporate regular exercise into their daily lives. For some patients who are struggling with chronic pain, regular exercise can be a challenge. It is natural to worry that working out could aggravate neck or back pain, making an old injury more severe. Our exercise recommendations are tailored to each patients wellness needs. By starting small and emphasizing core strengthening, such as yoga or Pilates, we help our patients build a strong foundation. Exercise brings flexibility, coordination and strength back to the body, while also helping patients burn fat and shed pounds. Additionally, losing weight minimizes back pain and makes movement easier.

If you are searching for an effective, patient-proven weight loss solution, then you have come to the right place! Our Anderson detox diet and lifestyle program will help you shed the pounds and keep them off for life.

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